Ruby Cup is a menstrual cup that comes with a generous handful of benefits that traditional methods just can’t offer. Here are just a few:

  • Eco-friendly: Ruby Cup can be re-used for up to 10 years.
  • Affordable: Because Ruby Cup lasts up to 10 years, you’ll rake in long-term savings of more than 95% compared to disposable period products.
  • Less fuss: A Ruby Cup has 3 times the capacity of a super tampon. Depending on the heaviness of the menstrual flow it can be worn up to 12 hours. You have everything you need in one simple product.
  • Healthy: Ruby Cups are made from 100% medical-grade, soft silicone and are free from plastics, latex, toxins and bleaches. As they collect, but don't absorb the menstrual flow, the vaginal flora stays intact.
  • Life-changing: We call it the ‘Buy One, Give One’ programme. For every cup we sell, we’ll donate one to a girl or woman without access to menstrual care products.