Ruby Cup is excited to present our great production partners in China that produce high standard silicone, serving US and EU markets. The material is FDA, SGS or ROHS certified, and meets EU standards.

Exciting changes have taken place for our supplier recently, as they have moved location in order to expand and upgrade production volume. New tool workshops have been established, and education and training are ongoing to ensure technicians maintain excellent standards. Our supplier has very high knowledge and expertise within silicone tooling and production, due to many years of cooperation with EU companies. Check out our supplier in his new office:


Quality assurance is done by a company specialized in silicone materials founded and managed by Danish directors. Assurance includes adhering to product specifications, ensuring that the raw silicone material is medical grade, approved and passes all SGS inspections.


Introducing the Ruby Cup supplier and our production partner.

RC Production Partner

Our production partner proudly presents Ruby Cup

Sometimes, customers ask us about our production site. Since we are an ethical company, high labour and environmental standards are the core of our business.

Ruby Cup production is very capital intensive and the company is run by three very nice guys who are all engineers and experts in the field of injection molding and medical grade silicone.

China can have a bad reputation in terms of labour, environmental, and quality standards. However, just like anywhere, in China you can have both “good” and “bad” producers. After our extensive research and trials, receiving samples from different producers from all over the world, we chose this supplier because he meets the highest quality standards.


We are very very grateful to have found such reliable and good production partner. That way, we can make sure that the very best quality menstrual products make their way to you, our wonderful customers!