There is a small risk that your IUD can be affected or moved out of position when removing Ruby Cup. But for most women the use of the Ruby Cup while having an IUD has not caused any problems. Still, we advise you to consult your doctor before use.

Try these top tips for using a Ruby Cup if you have an IUD fitted:

-Position: the Ruby Cup is designed to sit low in the vagina, and if placed correctly will not disturb your IUD strings. Get to know where your strings are and become familiar with where you need to place your cup.

-Release the seal: Your Ruby Cup will create a suction seal when inside your vagina – to prevent leaks. Before removing your cup take care to pinch the walls of your cup together to release the suction.

-Visit your doctor: If you have any concerns, if you have a low cervix, or feel that your IUD has moved position then visit your doctor or gynaecologist for a health check before using a menstrual cup.

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