Physically, there is no reason why a virgin cannot use a cup. If your hymen (the thin membrane which partially covers the opening of your vagina) is still intact then using a Ruby Cup may not be as easy. When starting to use Ruby Cup as a virgin, it might be easier to start with our Ruby Cup Small.

Using a cup may stretch or tear the hymen. Your hymen can also be stretched or torn through sports such as riding a bike, and this is very normal. Some cultures and religions require an intact hymen before marriage, and may not agree with the use of a menstrual cup. If this is not an issue for you, your family or your religion, then using a Ruby Cup is no problem – just take time to find a comfortable way to insert.

Note: Using Ruby Cup when you are a virgin can affect your hymen but that does not mean that you will lose your virginity! You only lose your virginity after your first sexual intercourse – no matter whether your hymen was torn before.